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Overview of Toppan Hall

Hall Overview
[Area]Hall: 580m² Foyer: 110m²
[Exterior Construction]Outer Walls: Granite sheet
Roof: Galvanized stainless steel plate
[Use]Concert hall primarily for classical music
[Reverberation Time]1.3 - 1.6 seconds (empty), 1.1 - 1.4 seconds (fully seated)
*Adjustment possible with variable reverberation panels
[Interior Noise]NC-15
[Interior Construction]Floor: Flooring, Walls: Wood panels
Ceiling: Painted board, Painted GRC
[Sound Insulation]Box-in-box construction for floor, walls, ceiling; Soundproof fixtures for openings
[Design, Supervision]Okada & Associates Architects Engineers Planners
Acoustics: Nagata Acoustics Inc.
[Construction]Joint project by Ando Corporation, Kajima Corporation and Tokyu Construction Co., Ltd.

Facilities Overview
[Seating]408 seats
(403 seats when three wheelchair spaces are utilized)
[Stage]17.4 meters
(Depth: 8.0 meters, Height: 0.6 meters)
Stage Material: Cypress
[Dressing Rooms]Room A: 17m² Room B: 20m²
Room C: 18m² Room D: 52m²
[Piano]Steinway D-274 (2)
[Other Facilities]Foyer, cloakroom, restaurant (seats about 200),
café(seats about 60)

Green Room

Dressing Room B

Dressing Room D